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Welcome to the Official Home Page of The LainOS Project.

LainOS is an OpenSource project that seeks to revolutionize the the user experience by bridging the realm between "Alien Elegance" and Human Usability, and thus create a truly new and unique interface that is user savvy and beautiful. Concept Document Coming Soon.



Hello everyone! I hope you are all staying safe in these rough times and had a good Thanksgiving if you celebrate it. This is just an update letting you know the current plans for the future of the project. LainWM is a disaster and probably needs to be remade from scratch. Either that, or make it a theme for either OpenBox, FluxBox, or Xomnad. If you have any thoughts on the matter please email me at Kenshinfo@LainOS.org. I am also going to work on setting up a mailing list for updates for te project. In any case, I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Hello, welcome to the newest attempt at LainOS. My name is Kenshinfo. I found out about this project a while ago and I have decided to at least attempt to revamp this project. Not sure how well it will go and all. However, we will have to see. In the meantime there will be some small updates to the website while I work on fixing the LainWM. Be sure to check back in the future to see the process.


Quick and dirty update: LainOS is on hiatus for a few months more. Our project lead, Neovanglist is moving across the Big Pond and will be very unavailable for a while. Once his life has settled down appropriately we will be able to resume our Schumann and Accela development.


First, Yes, We are still alive. It has been painfully long since the last update to the frontpage, but information has been sparse. As it sits, the LainOS dev team is working on what we've named the "Schumann Core." The Schumann Core is going to be data director of the display server. It will handle the passing of commands to the display server, client applications, and remote connections. It is intended to perform functions similar to CORBA and omniorb, and have a simple API (hey, we can dream... right?).
Our principal coder (and project lead) Neovanglist has the initial draft docs and specs, which I hope to be uploading in the near future.
Be sure to join us on the IRC Channel to stay as up-to-date as possible on the current project status.

Forum Update: The "Help Wanted" thread has been updated with new information on who and what we are looking for.
Site Changes In the Works: Project status page, FAQ, Screenshots (all one of them), update Contacts page.

... Donations of caffeine and pizza may one day be tax deductable. For the time being, they're merely appreciated with humble thanks.

P.S. My mail has been spam-bombed. Make sure that "Lainos_Web" is in the subject line.

We've conducted our meeting with the Fresco people and have mixed opinions about it's validity. There will be a lot of work required to get it operational and adaptable to our needs. A log of the meeting is available from the documents page.

A vote will be taken at the Jan 17th Dev meeting as to whether or not we will be putting our support into the Fresco Project. In doing so, we will be set back by a brief period as we assist in bringing the project to fruition. If you will not be able to attend on the 17th, please top by the voting thread on the boards and let your voice be heard.


2004 brings us a skipped Dev meeting (ya know how those holidays go...), but we have much to discuss next time, what with the disbanding of the XFree86 core developers, and a fresh talk with the guys at Fresco. We're now at a nexus. Begin/resume development of XFreeGL (an attempt at implementing native OpenGL support into X11), or assist Fresco (who already uses OpenGL). A vote will be taken at the meeting regarding the path we should take.


Another successful Developer Meeting has been logged for your perusal. Comments range from version-control to "help wanted." Attendance was minimal this time, but there'll be more to come; so you're not out of chances to hear exactly what's coming up next. Join us next time and put in your comments.

Presently, we're needing help with coding and graphics. Please check out the board for a listing of openings and requirements.


Long awaited LainWM 1.3 Alpha is finally here! Head over to the downloads page to get it. It has been confirmed working, out of box, on Debian 3.0 Unstable, and FreeBSD 5.1-Release. Unfortunately, the Style Sheet translucency was not yet able to be implimented. This is planned for the upcoming Fluxbox based LainWM release due in by the end of December. For any concerns with LainWM 1.3 Alpha please visit the forums.

Also, the Mailing Lists are now up. Feel free to sign up and help us build a strong development community!


Greetings, everyone. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Neovanglist, Zero One, and Minddog for all their hard work on LainWM-1.3. You guys are awesome.

Okay, on to business. LainWM v1.3 is ready to be released! It will be up some time TODAY! FURTHER, Developer meetings are now going to be held on a bi-weekly basis. In these meetings, EVERYONE will have the opportunity to hear-straight from the coders-how things are doing, ask them questions, and contribute directly anything you can't get across on the boards. The first of these new meetings will take place today at 7pm PST (GMT -8). I know it's sudden, but I'd like to see as many of you there as possible; at least you have plenty of warning for the next one.

More good news, the official mailing lists are up! Subscription information and further details will be posted later today.