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Where Only Angels Dare Tread

Welcome to the home of the LainOS Project. There is no safety here, only a continuing challenge to the status quo and the never ending mediocrity of Human Interface. If you've come seeking solace in the safe arms of another common OpenSource project, then my friend, you have made a serious mistake. You are in a place only angels dare tread.

This site is dedicated to the LainOS Project. A project that seeks to challenge the very foundations of the human interface at every level. We seek to usher in the next generation of UNIX here. Is it a safe endeavor? No. Is it going to be easy? No. Then why do it? One reason, it would the greatest sin of all not to try.

OpenSource was founded on a dream that people could create something together and that it would be better, doing so for the sole purpose of ignoring the shackles of a "For Profit" endeavor. If we don't try then what's the point? The only thing we accomplish by not trying, is proving companies like Microsoft right when they said that OpenSource had no future.

People have often made the statement that this project is a "Pipe Dream" or that it's so "Blue Sky that it doesn't have chance!" and they may be right, but one thing is for sure, by the time this project gets going we are going to know what is doable in the OS world and what is not, and that alone is at least worth the investment of time and effort.

Better to have tried and failed, than to have never tried at all. Is there gonna be stumbling blocks? Yes, of course, but that doesn't mean that anyone here isn't willing to try. What we can all learn from this project is truly astounding.

What if we succeed? What will the nay-sayers do then when all that they have done is point themselves out as narrow minded? They will do what all such narrow little humans do. They will shrug it off, and declare it as an act of chance, and that is ok. We on the other hand, will continue to push the envelope as we unlock the secrets of human imagination. We will do what open minded, hard working, dreamers always do in such cases–get back to work on the next impossible task.

While we feel that this project is going to be far from easy, we feel it is a worth while project, and that the possibilities are absolutely wondrous, and worth the risk of involvement.

We hope that you join on this adventure into the extreme, and perhaps together we can make the impossible, possible.

Best Regards,

The LainOS Development Team