Coding Experiments: LainOS - the nExt generation of UNIX. Click to Return to the Home Page Picture of Lain Courtesy of Triangle Staff / Pioneer LDC.


LainOS Development Documents
Concept documents, development plan, and white papers, as well as the official development team member list.

Developer Meetings


LainOS Developer Meeting #2

April 5th, 2003

LainOS Developer Meeting #3

May 3rd, 2003



Misc. IRC Logs


Discussion With Minddog - An Introduction to LainOS

May 2nd, 2003

Discussion With Fresco

Jan 10th, 2004



Other Documents


3D UI Design and Concept Submission Guidelines

Coming Soon

Note: All IRC logs are completely uncut and raw. As a result, a small amount of the text in the logs may not be completely relevant to the topic.